About us

we are


We are travelers, just like you, and we felt a void that needed to be filled.

We felt the need to travel and instead of worrying about the long layover, think positively and look forward to what different cities have to offer.  We aimed to offer an alternative to sitting at an airport and guarding our belongings for hours, an alternative to leaving our luggage with strangers and still have to pay to have them stored individually, and a viable alternative to carrying our belongings around cities for hours while waiting for the next flight!

We started Safe Locker to fill that void.

Safe Locker gives you the ability to SAFELY store your luggage and your belongings – while giving you UNLIMITED ACCESS to them during your rental period and business hours – at a CONVENIENT location near your airport.

In short, we are the ones who truly want you to go have fun and explore!

Why Choose Safe Locker


Fully Automated State of the Art Self-Service Facility​


Secure Lockers with Easy-To-Use Access System


Unlimited Re-Opening and Access to Your Belongings


Large Lockers to Store Several Bags for the Price of One